U-Pic & Farm Visit

This is a NEW OFFER, so please be patient with me as I work out the kinks. We have a handful of families that come and pick their own eggs at the farm- it is literally my favorite part about having chickens, and has been since I was a little girl visiting my friends farm in BC.
Come spend some time with us and enjoy the outdoors. We will be having soup, bannock, and tea days this summer at the farm so stay tuned!
Day Camps for YOUTH coming soon!!
How do I book our visit? 1) Select this item, along with the amount of eggs you wish to pick, if you just want to visit then just select this :), and then please put 2 requested date options with times that are between 10am-4pm, and i will confirm the date with you
2) Sometimes life gets busy so if you need to reschedule that is an option
3) Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions (cold weather- more layers etc) What to expect: -We are 35 mins north of the perimeter up highway six, which isn't really far, just as much time as going downtown winnipeg most days. -Please wear clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty in, also suggest wearing rubber boots if you have.
The visit is what you make it, so you may not get dirty if playing with the animals isn't your thing :) -We will feed and play with the animals who are not feeling shy, as well as pick the eggs if you purchased any.
We have an array of fun animals such as goats, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, guinea fowl, and some guardian dogs. Some are more friendly than others, but I will lead the way :) -We book at least 90 minutes for your visit.
So tag along with us while we care for the animals, if you stay longer you may just be given a shovel or a pail :)